Friday, 22 July 2011


Wassup people!!I'm super down cuz I got a super huge pimple on my left cheek!Like super huge,like a 5 cent huge,red big huge and the worst part is,I CANT DO NOTHING T.T There's no head yet.I can't pinch it and it's painful.FML,it's like one on my eyelid before this and now on the cheek?Oh,I know why,Pee Am Ass,bloody pms.I NO WANT RANT SO MUCH OREDI.LATER NO 1 WAN READ MY PIMPLE RANTING BLOG LIAO.pshhh.
Okay,Gonna blog about my Saturday midnight,or should I say Sunday Morning?Decided to go to Genting  with my baby,lil sis couple,daniel and howard just to chill @ Starbucks that night.It was quite a last minute plan actually,we went up around 1am + and reach about 2.Lovin' the cold weather up there,so chilling,so nice comparing to the stupid hot weather in KL.

Soy Chocolate Cream Frapp!!First time trying and I'm lovin it!Im a soy lover anyway.


No no,thats the second last,and so,Lastly,

Not forgetting an iphone blur camwhore pic .Teehee.

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