Saturday, 30 July 2011

Marriot :D

Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon/Night readers :D
How have you been lately ?? Fine??
That Cool~
Anyway sorry for my bad english :D

Currently im having a badmood/goodmood :D


Yesterday when to marriot hotel about 4:30 something,
My mom send me and my brother/sister to the main park. Me and
my brother/sister when to the counter and sign it,but ttoooo bad i
saw my "ENEMY" Hahah,he's smoking :0
I just know it. Anyway,back to my story ..
There alot of white people in marriot swimming pool,some of em
are scary and some of em are lovely,sweet,and freindly. Even chinese people
gave some food to white people,aww,how lovely is that ?? hahah !!!
A minute later,about 5:30 i when to the pool,but my maid just realise that the pool was full of
SHIT ! You know what i mean,its a shit ! The shit is FLOATING !!!
My brother is drinking the water -.- Lmao ! that is so fucking SICK :o
Ergh ! Hahah,i faster2x when out to the pool and take a shower quickly -.-

You know what im doing ?? i take a picture of myself ah. Hahah

Im loving my lenses here :D Look so BIG :DDD
Hahah~ Wee,i love my new phone :DDD 

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